What Men Must Know About Girls / Women When Dating

Meaning of nonverbal signals

Confused about mixed signals a woman is sending to me
I am confused about mixed signals a woman is sending to me. From day one she has been flirty and open about her vulnerabilities to me yet when I do the same ...

How long to wait before making the first call to a woman?
Is there a clue as far as how many days to wait before making the first initial call after a casual acquaintance?

I am used to being shy about meeting women
I used to be shy about meeting women, then I decided I was a decent guy and there was no pointing in me continuing to hide it.

In pursuit of personal growth and confidence in relationships
For some office romance is a no - no! For some others they would be happy to give it a go and see what transpires.

Compliment woman's looks

Become acquainted with and get appreciation from women
Most women don't appreciate a guy like me. I am just not good at the part on the next level and most women are afraid to approach me, so I rarely even try to ...

Desperation is the Achilles Heel of otherwise successful men
Everyone seems to think a little game playing in a relationship is good. Not really dishonesty... but withholding and trying to make them guess a little.

Flirting signals a woman is sending you convey the message
Do not to convey the wrong message to a woman, who may misinterpret. She may realize she might have sent out the wrong signals.

How girls seem to express their affection
Men handle cooled emotions in different ways, some go crazy, some find a quick replacement for the last girl.

Expressing affections for women

A woman could interpret your friendliness as flirtatious move
A woman could become cautious now the flirting has moved to flirting with intent. We like people who like us! And we flirt accordingly.

Compliment woman's looks: choose a specific feature
Do you ever get over a first love? Probably not, but you deal with it and go forward, step-by-step.

Flirting with casual friend - what her body language reveals?
I have a steady girlfriend and we are planning a marriage. Now we are around a guy who is a friend of both of us and who tries to interfere with our ...

How do men know if a woman is attracted?
Men must be able to separate what a thrill is meant to simply enjoy without expectation, and an attraction, which should be pursued.

Establish a communication nonverbal way

Decipher whether a girl has a boyfriend or dating someone
I hate asking if a girl I want to approach is seeing someone before asking her to go out because I feel like I'm more worried about another person than her.

Developing self-confidence is vital for lasting relationship
If a woman does have a boyfriend and unless you are cool with that then you could set yourself up for heartbreak in the future.

Different girls require different approaches
Should I ask a girl on a date and ignore the fact she could be dating someone already.

Express your romantic interests to a woman
Often times, introverts think they are undesired so they try to act more outgoing by doing things they normally would not.