Top ten ways to stop a breakup and save your relationship

Top Ten Ways to Save Your Relationship

1. Make your sweetheart your number one priority


We all have responsibilities in our lives that take us away from our families and lovers, and fulfilling those responsibilities is part of being a good partner and a romantic person. But even if you can’t spend as much time with your sweetheart as you would like, there are lots of ways to make it clear to them that they are still the number-one priority in your life.

2. Learn about your sweetheart’s interests


We all bring unique interests, hobbies and talents to a relationship, and learning about your lover’s tastes and skills is a great way to appreciate them more and share rewarding time together. Learning from each other and experiencing new things as a couple will bring you closer together, make your relationship more exciting and expand your horizons.

3. Brag about your relationship


No one likes a loudmouth who never shuts up about their love life, but telling your friends, family and coworkers about how much you love your romantic relationship is a great way to make your sweetheart feel appreciated and make you excited about your romance. Making it a habit to tastefully mention how thankful you are to have your lover will only make your relationship stronger.

4. Say “I’m proud of you” to your sweetheart


Everyone likes to feel that they are appreciated, and telling your lover that you are proud of them is one of the simplest . . . and least used . . . ways to make them feel good about themselves and your romantic relationship. Whether you’re telling them how much you appreciate the job they do, their role in your relationship, or their sacrifices, “I’m proud of you” are four of the most effective words you can use to save your romance.

5. Lead by example


Keeping score of who’s more romantic in your relationship is one of the worstways to promote romance in your relationship. Just as members of any successful team have learned, the best way to encourage a certain kind of behavior in others is to lead by example. So be more romantic with your lover, but don’t insist they do the same. With enough encouragement, you may be surprised to see them start to come around themselves.

6. Call in sick to work to spend time with your sweetheart


I’m not saying you should try to get fired from your job, but if you’re doing well at work there is nothing wrong with taking a tiny holiday to spend time with the most important person in your life. Briefly putting off other responsibilities to be with your lover is a great way to show them that they are the number one priority in your world.

7. Introduce some competition into your relationship


No, I don’t mean to make your sweetheart jealous by dating another person. But a little good-natured romantic competition–whether it’s through competitive games, contests, sports, or bets–can be a terrific way to add a little excitement, interaction, and playfulness into your relationship.

8. Compliment your sweetheart every now and then


Sure, it’s easy to overdo compliments and come across as over-the-top or insincere. But regardless of whether or not your lover knows how you feel about them, a simple, kind compliment once in a while goes a long way in making them feel good about themselves and your relationship.

9. Get over your fear of coming across as too “clingy”


There’s a big difference between being tastefully romantic with your sweetheart and being “clingy.” Hand-holding, simple kisses on the cheek and other subtle acts of love are nothing to be ashamed of. It shows your lover that you aren’t embarrassed of your romance and will add a much-needed dimension to your relationship.

10. Learn to love yourself


Part of the reason why some people have a difficult time appreciating romantic gestures is that they don’t understand why their lover is so fond of them. Learning to appreciate your own talents, gifts and innate goodness will help you appreciate your sweetheart’s feelings and let you accentuate your best qualities. Ultimately, learning to love yourself will teach you how to love your romantic partner more.