How to Talk to a Girl You Like for the First Time

  1. It's all about confidence! Maintain the attitude that she is lucky that you like her and if she doesn't see that there are plenty of girls that will. If you are not that confident or too shy, you should work on this dilemna.
  2. Say her eyes, hair is beautiful, but don't use a pick up line. The eyes are the most effective.
  3. Tell her she has a beautiful smile, even if she has braces.
  4. Ask her questions (nothing personal) to get to know her. What music do you like, what is your favorite TV show, have you seen any good movies lately?
  5. Girls like it when boys try and defend them so make her feel protected.
  6. If you pick on her and pretend you hate her, then she will never like you. She'll think that you don't like her so she won't like you.
  7. Girls feel at home when you talk to them honestly and openly so try doing that.
  8. Girls also like it when you compliment their hair. They had worked very hard on it.
  9. Whatever you do don't look at her breasts while talking to her, just don't look at them at all. Try to look at her straight in the eye and no where below the neck.
  10. Tell them that you like talking to them. This makes them happy, and if they say the same thing to you, you're "in"!
  11. Hint: NEVER say to a girl that she is hot,it might make her very uncomfortable, say she is pretty instead. That's not cool.
  12. Never ask a girl for her number until she is ready to give it to you.

  • Remember this: the best thing to do is tell her directly.She will think you are brave for admitting it.
  • Give her a Compliment - girls don't like too many compliments it starts to freak girls out. A guy will become the total opposite of a crush.
  • If at any moment you are playing a game in school, compliment her if she has to answer a question
  • Say Hi in the hallway if you happen to walk by her. You will know whether or not she wants to say hi by the facial expression she has. If she looks like she would say hi back, then go for it. But if she doesn't, try another time.
  • Be friendly but don't crowd her.
  • When you smile at a girl and she smiles back, watch her body language. Nodding her head or wetting her lips with her tongue could be signs that she has feelings for you, too.
  • After making friendly conversation with her, try holding her hand or maybe hugging her. You don't want to go too fast, though. Make sure you only go as far as she wants to.
  • If you want to be a good boyfriend then help out with things, bags for example and things that she may find heavy. You could do chores for her that she normally has to do?

  • If the girl doesn't like you and SHE said it, don't stop because she might get an idea!
  • Also remember that EVERY girl is different - therefore, there is no specific set of steps to magically get your object of affection to like you. The reason she would like you is because she likes you for who you are. So just merely be yourself. No one likes a pretender.
  • When giving a girl compliments, make sure not to over-do it. If you've just told her that her eyes are beautiful, don't immediately compliment her smile. A little attention is flattering--too much and you'll drive her away.
  • IMPORTANT-Don't complement her unless you are sincere. She'll see right through you. Point out something that makes her special and unique.
  • MAJOR-Don't go for a girl that has a boyfriend.