How To Make The Girl Feel That You Want Her To Be More Than Friends


  1. Get involved with her interests...don't go overboard or it might creep her out.

  2. Ask her to a social event such as dances, a football game, or dinner.

  3. Buy her something special for a holiday, preferably valentines day.

  4. Compliment her style or the way she looks.
  • If you ask her out make it something romantic, then might be a great time to tell her how you feel.

  • If she rejects a date try getting to know her a little better.

  • Be yourself, girls have a little alarm in their head that tells them when your not being yourself.

  • Don't give up if she's going out with someone else.
  • Don't be all over her.

  • Don't be obsessed.

  • Try to keep it a secret.

  • Don't ask her personal questions.

  • Don't annoy her.